Our Pain Serves

Our Pain Serves

Our Pain Serves

OK  ...so today’s message is for you, if you have ever struggled in some very deep & dark places.

You know in your heart that you were NOT meant to struggle in vain.

Some GOOD was meant to come from your PAIN.

I truly believe that it is those of us who have been to the depths of hell, who can best relate and support others STILL living there.

We have much compassion to serve and lift others to heaven… as we have been there and we were able to shift ourselves, first & foremost.

I believe we can offer those struggling with HITs (Hope, Inspiration & Tools), for them to see that THEY can do it too.

This is what The Love Your Vibe Transformation is all about. Small communities of heart-centred humans gather, led by a like-hearted leader who has transformed from dark places into the light, and can show THEM how to practice this simple yet powerful daily ‘Inner Work’. Work that personally saved my sanity, life, marriage and helped me and countless others transform from Crap Magnets into Miracle Magnets ♡

What’s really wonderful is that every graduate of this unique personal development SOULution (Level A) wishes to facilitate this beautiful work too.

Another unique & powerful thing (as I believe we are like trees, and when we stop growing, we are dead) is that this ‘Level A’ personal development can lead to a wonderful variety of ‘Level B’ programs incorporating each leader’s OWN Story, Message & Magic to help SO many more kind & sensitive souls go even deeper with their ‘Inner Work’ of healing & evolving…into their best most aligned, authentic & fully self-expressed selves ☆

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Hit Reply if you feel that YOU are destined to serve with YOUR HITs (Hope, Inspiration & Tools) ☆

At Your Service,


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