OK….first off, I pray this message finds you well today! 

Last Friday, I had shared that my award-winning Primavera Jazz Duo was invited to perform at the world-renowned ‘TD Niagara Jazz Festival ☆

The venue we were initially told to perform at needed a trio, so we got bumped to perform at this great smokehouse in downtown Niagara on the Lake!

Please join us at Firehall Flame tomorrow, Saturday, July 23, from 1- 4pm if you can..it’s going to be SO SOULFUL & SO FUN!

So why do I like to say: 

‘Get Out Of Your Own F’N Way… Your Miracle Life Awaits’!?

Because I truly believe…that when you learn to Love Your Vibe, you need never stress (for very long) ever again ☆

The teachings & tools that I channeled many years ago at my rock bottom saved my sanity, life, and marriage and helped me achieve my virtual EVERY dream ☆

Dreams like becoming a pro jazz artist at 51 and getting to perform and record on world-class stages, with and for celebrities…and also not having to work one day in my one precious life ♡

I would LOVE YOU to be served too!

If you are a heart-centred human who struggles with more than one issue because you are so kind & sensitive…

Please ‘Hit Reply’ to see if you are eligible for one of 5  COMPLIMENTARY Sacred SOULution sessions (Valued at $297) this upcoming week to help you clarify YOUR dreams, goals & vision…and receive my intuitive recommendations ♡

I may suggest one of my SOULutions…someone else’s or nothing at all!

I’m humbled and honoured to do these beautiful sessions that can and DO transform lives…at NO COST ☆

At Your Service,


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