Today’s message is quite vulnerable. 

I share in hopes that it brings you some insight & value, dear one ♡

Last night I was hired to do two of my favorite things EVER at one of my favorite business mentor Leigh Fowler’s FIRST ‘Liberated’ Retreat ☆

Channeling sacred sounds & inspirational messages is virtually effortless for me. That is how I know they are MY things to do.

How about you? What are effortless things for YOU to do?

What an abSOULute joy to serve Lee Lee’s fabulous crew last night after their incredible day of  transformation, where they uplevelled their BEINGNESS in their beautiful business/ Purpose/Mission ☆

The ladies loved their soundbath experience. I left on a cloud of bliss!

I then grabbed some McDonald’s food for my one hour drive home. 

Enraptured in my new audio book, eating some tasty junk food, and still floating on an aforementioned cloud…I was completely clueless that my headlights were off. 

A police car flashed at me on the highway, but I was half oblivious that they wanted to pull me over, after all I wad not speeding…plus when I did clue in they were flashing at me, it did not feel safe to pull over due to a very narrow shoulder, so I decided to pull off at the next exit.

The OPP officer was in shock that I did not pull over right away. He told me to turn on my lights. I apologized and told him I was distracted. 

He took my liscense and ownership and insurance over to his vehicle for what seemed like an hour. 

During that time, it hit me that I the old me would have totally freaked out, as I used to, & go into a state of gut wrenching fear. 

Last night however, I calmly ate my fries, wondering what kind of cool story might come out of this. I was actually slightly amused.

He came back and slapped me with 2 citations. One for no lights for $85. The other for not pulling over for $400. Wow. My biggest ticket ever. I actually did not even freak out. 

I calmly walked back to his cruiser and stated sincerely that I did not feel the $400 ticket was fair. He said he had no problem with me disputing it in court. I thanked him and told him I would see him in court.

Honestly…sometimes it amazes me just how different I am thanks to the many years of doing my ‘Inner Work’. 

What would your life be like if you could remain calm in crazy situations?

As always, please Hit Reply if you care to share any comments or questions that come directly to me!

At Your Service, 


PS: This pic is Lee Lee & I in my ‘Happy Place’ at her retreat last night ♡

PPS: Do join FB Group Miracle Magnet Zone as I will be facilitating my monthly Sacred Soundbath at NO CHARGE, THIS Sunday at 7:30pm on Zoom ☆


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