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Today I feel very privileged & blessed to launch my dream come true to you...hoping it might serve you, or someone you love ♡

Imagine a world where everyone does their own inner work...has connected with their best & most authentic self...and is living the life of their dreams connected to their bigger Purpose ☆

THAT is MY bigger Purpose...my WHY... and my beautiful new online system is the way I'm sharing it with the world ♡

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This press release specifically addresses the needs of entrepreneurs, however I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from being on a journey of personal growth.

Being Your Authentic Self is Key to Entrepreneurial Success and Attracting Clients

Life Coach and Entrepreneur unveils a unique new personal growth system to serve entrepreneurs especially...to help them unleash their true selves

The Love Your Vibe Transformation offers powerful & caring personal development in a community setting, where all are safe, seen, celebrated & supported...a winning combination!

Toronto, Ontario, August 14th, 2019: According to Forbes magazine, the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail (and a staggering eight out of 10 do fail in the first 18 months) are lack of planning, poor time management and “persistence.” And the latter, according to Forbes and Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Elvira Hopper, is the key to it all, because persistence is driven by 'trueself' belief, and without that, it’s challenging to stay true to your goals and vision.

“While being an entrepreneur is liberating, it also takes significant commitment and can be isolating without an optimal mindset,” says experienced Life Coach, Elvira Hopper. “In my practice and workshops, I hear from so many entrepreneurs who do not feel as confident as they should be about their chosen path. This often leads to actions based on default or outside influences, rather than acting with intention and staying focussed on what’s true to their heart and soul, and ultimately success.”

That’s the reason Elvira has developed a program with a real benefit to entrepreneurs. ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation', a breakthrough three part personal growth system helps the entrepreneur get into alignment with who they are and transform in a community setting led by a caring mentor.

“When you are connected to your own values, that comes across as confident and magnetic and that is a high vibration state in which to live and do business - where you need not push, as you pull your dream clients to you!” says Elvira.“And, the advantages being part of a community traveling a personal growth path are many,” adds Elvira. “Community support can be more powerful than one on one coaching and, keeping in mind the often financial restraints of entrepreneurs, way more affordable. But, the main benefit, is the community itself, providing often isolated entrepreneurs with a safe environment to evolve, and nurture their own and each other’s personal development.”

The Love Your Vibe Transformation is a three step online system, led by a Miracle Mindset Mentors and is officially launched today at The Bash (link to The Bash), a premier networking event featuring more than 1000 entrepreneurs and business people in the GTA.

“I’ve heard too many stories of entrepreneurs with smart ideas going off track, or giving up altogether. Who knew how close they were to success and living the life of their dreams, if only they’d connected to their true Purpose and did the personal growth work to become their best & most authentic self?” adds Elvira.

Multiple coaching studies prove that with assistance and direction, we can rewire our brains to tap into our intuition, break self sabotaging habits and beliefs, and empower ourselves for success in both business and life.

“Entrepreneurship is not for the weak of heart,” Elvira says. “However, it's also been revealed to be one of the best vehicles for personal growth, as our business success is a reflection of our inner success. I’m living proof, as someone who left behind an award winning 20 year corporate career, that with the right mindset, you can follow your calling and find fulfillment in entrepreneurship. In fact, I love what I do so much, it doesn’t feel like work and I often joke , I now don’t work a day in my life.”

To discover more about 'The Love Your Vibe Transformation', visit the LYV link. There are also opportunities for like minded individuals to become Love Your Vibe Ambassadors and, after taking the course, Miracle Mindset Mentors. The program’s tagline is “Go from where you are, to where you want to be in a beautiful community.”


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About Elvira Hopper:

After twenty seven years and two careers, Elvira finally had the courage to leave behind a six figure corporate job and pursue her dream career and serve others by qualifying as a life coach and launching her own practice. Elvira offers one-on-one coaching, workshops, retreats and speaking engagements. All of her services are based on her Love Your Vibe miracle mindset teachings, an empowered way of showing up in the world to find peace, love and joy, and activate unique gifts and talents.

It's a lofty ideal...but I believe it's worth pursuing...as not being dependent on anyone's opinion of you is true freedom...don't you think?

I wish for you a life filled with activity you adore surrounded by those who adore you more...not interested in controlling you to serve their agenda...where you can be fully free to say and mean "I'm truly ME"!

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