Learn the Love Your Vibe teachings and tools that saved founder Elvira V. Hopper’s life and helped her become her happiest and most authentic self ♡ Learn more about our self transformation course.

Shifting from an inauthentic “Crap Magnet” into an authentic ‘Miracle Magnet” was a big reason she was able to holistically (no drugs or therapy) leave behind her mental health struggles (depression, anxiety & panic disorder…suicidal ideation at her rock bottom) for 9 years now.

She truly walks her talk daily, and has created the life of HER dreams where she doesn’t work at day in it…living passionately connected to WHY she was brought here in this lifetime ♡ She truly wants this for the world.

Elvira believes that anything and everything becomes possible when we practice the Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset daily ☆

Once you have completed The VIP Mindset Reset Online you can choose to be a part of a year long MMM led by a heart-centered leader/lightworker where you get to LIVE DAILY the LYV teachings and tools, as well as your MMM’s teachings and tools, within a small beautiful community where ALL are safe, seen, celebrated and supported.

It’s a very unique, effective and affordable way to experience personal growth and development. In a year with our self transformation course, you are YOU 2.0!

This beautiful, healing and inspirational membership is FREE in LAUNCH YEAR! It covers 3 Key Areas C.H.I.

Community – Chat with your global community 24/7 so you will never feel alone on your journey!

Healing – Be soothed and healed by Elvira’s healing audio recordings and acquire HIGH VIBE products to keep you loving your vibe consistently as you take inspired action in the direction of your dreams!

Inspiration – Elvira is constantly channeling new messages to keep you vibing high and inspired, ON DEMAND!

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This system is fast becoming a world movement, where beautiful heart-centred souls are taking back their power…raising their vibrations and manifesting the life of THEIR dreams (not their parent’s or society’s) ☆

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