Light Them Up

Light Them Up

Light Them Up this message is actually not about 'smoking' anything...but more about lighting up/truly SEEING another & acknowledging them ☆

You see, I find that women especially can sometimes avoid seeing other women in ALL their beauty.  As though by shining a light on them, their own light will be dimmed.

Also, many do NOT choose a conscious path in this lifetime, by letting go of who they are NOT...and embracing who they truly a beautiful & divine being, here to serve the world in a unique way that only they can.

As the majority of the planet will NOT do this important 'inner work' to get aligned with their values and step into their authentic greatness...most cannot give away & be generous with what they don't have.

It is said that: 'You cannot give from an empty cup'. To truly SEE another involves a powerful choice to fill your OWN cup first and give from that OVERFLOW.

It does take some serious 'Self Love' work to heal/let go of any trauma and unpack what you are order to step into who you truly ARE...and then be able to acknowledge SEE them deeply.  When you choose to SEE ALL their might actually transform them.

Whose beauty do you admire quietly? I challenge you to go deeper into your own self-love ...and let them know how you TRULY SEE them.

The cool thing is that this experience might very well transform YOU too!

Hit Reply if you wish to share your experience and feel truly SEEN by me.

At Your Service,


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