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Joyful Elle

 Joyful Elle

OK …today I’m honoured to inspire you with my beloved colleague’s Thinking Thursday post from her Social Media yesterday ☆

I resonated deeply with Eleanor Hayward’s share, and I wanted to honour this precious soul who has been the most passionate & brilliant biggest business builder on my beloved team!

“Greetings folks, how are you this Thinking Thursday?

Do you select a motivating word for the year? Please share what is it?

This year I choose JOY, inspired by the inspirational Elvira V. Hopper, founder of The Love Your Vibe Transformation who has done her Inner Work to become the most joyful person she knows, and she’s challenged us to the same!

I’m thinking, I want to be the most joyful person I know!! How about you??

My journey with Personal Development on the path to joy has been complicated. Perhaps you can relate? I share vulnerably in hopes of inspiring you, in case you feel alone.


Happy’ is a general cultural goal, yet I heard it said that ‘happy’ is a temporary state and is largely contingent on outer factors, whereas ‘joy’ is a more permanent internal attitude! Would you agree?

I recall visiting High Park in Toronto in autumn 2021, where I tapped into my Inner Child, since I had lived nearby in my youth!

Memories came, where my joy had been taken by adults, projecting their unhappiness upon me. An aunt cheating at a board game, which prevented me from winning, was one example.

Well I made a mental decision to reclaim my joy, and it felt empowering!

Then on some level, I held myself back from embodying and expressing this joy, somewhat unconsciously, because it seems so many people are struggling to get by these days.

I don’t want to make them feel bad… yet I decided to share it with others anyway, and I’m so glad I have!

It’s having the opposite effect, and more often than not, it has been cheering them up to hear that some people are learning to thrive in this bizarre world.

The other night, I rewatched Brene Brown’s Netflix special, and she spoke of ‘foreboding joy’, and it felt a bit like a gut punch… that we tend to withhold immersing ourselves in joy, for the fear that it’ll get mucked up and something bad will happen.

She suggested that in these moments of recognition, to choose gratitude and become more present!

Gratitude has been a more cultivated attitude of mine so I appreciate this insight.

Yesterday in yoga class, with a simple sitting-forward-bend, I sensed a fear of movement in my body, and some tears came out… I embraced them by crying, rather than suppress them.

With compassionate inquiry, the emotions of shame and grief emerged from my hips.

I share this angle, to demonstrate that as we learn to actively heal and metabolize our trauma, that the deeper we delve into our shadow, it creates more capacity for higher vibe emotions to emerge and become the new normal!

However the new heights also make it more comfortable to drop into the darkness with some familiarity.

Because then we KNOW we can travel back upwards to higher, more consistent levels of inner love, joy, peace and joy!

This process of Inner Work creates resilience in periods of relative stability, so that we can better weather inevitable periods of discomfort.

How is this resonating? Your feedback and shares are always appreciated!

Many blessings to you along your path!

The VIP Mindset Reset Online course contains indispensable teachings & tools to assist with this journey to ‘Love Your Vibe’.”

Did anything specific touch your heart & soul about Eleanor’s share?

If so, do check out her link for  beautiful offerings.  

As always…ask me anything by hitting ‘Reply’!

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