Jazzy Dreams

Jazzy Dreams

Jazzy Dreams

OK…I pray this invitation may entertain & inspire you!

It is an abSOULute honour & joy to be invited to perform at a fabulous NOTL winery The Hare Wine Co. with my uber talented Primavera Jazz Duo partner & guitar virtuoso Mark Diatel on Saturday July 23rd from 1-4pm ☆☆

I am personally amazed that I have manifested yet another ‘jazzy dream come true’ as I always felt that when I got to perform at the TD Niagara Jazz Festival…I will have surely ‘arrived’ as an artist. 

This feels really really good…not gonna lie!

Fun Fact:

Mark & I  formed our band very serendipitously in January 2020 at our first rehearsal. 

Our beautiful Mayor Bonnie Crombie invited us to perform at her private birthday party in February.

Covid shut us down in March.

We won Best Band in the top Platinum category in Mississauga News late last year. 

Huh? How did THAT even happen? Lol!

So THIS will be our Gig #2…haha!

Here is my personal invitation to YOU if you love wine & jazz too ☆

Jazzy Dreams

I also invite you to consider what still lies in YOU to do…as it was SO not gifted to you for no good reason. 

I believe that if it’s in you, it needs to come out of you…otherwise, it might actually burn a hole in your soul.

Guess what? The world needs it too!

Also, your key relationships can suffer. Your health could suffer. 

I have witnessed time & time again cancer diagnoses have found many who are not living in alignment with who they truly are. 

I feel that we can wear egoic masks & stay in denial, but we cannot run away from the damage it can do to our bodies (physical & mental) and to our relationships when we are NOT being ourselves COMPLETELY. 

Do you know anyone who needs to hear that it’s NEVER too late to get aligned, authentic & FULLY self expressed…to live their dreams & Purpose? 

I happened to become a pro jazz artist after years of singing from my ego & in shame virtually my whole life. 

My father told me at 11 years old that women on stages were ‘sluts’. 

It was not OK for me to be me for many too many years & too many tears.

I now get to perform on world-class stages with & for celebrities. 

My marriage went from ‘hell on wheels’ to ‘heaven on earth’ when I did. It was truly magical ☆

I want this for YOU! ANYTHING you desire IS possible. Do you believe it?

Hit Reply with a ‘Let’s chat’ and if you are one of first 5 to respond, 

I will clear space to connect with you within a week so I can personally witness YOUR story.  

I will also ask you some powerful questions, so you can gain more clarity on what IS possible for YOU ☆

Don’t die with your REAL music still in you ♡

At Your Service,


P.S. The picture above was when Mark & I at our rehearsal last Sunday. It is pure solid JOY to perform with this AMAZING musician ☆

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