This baby was birthed by my dear siSTAR (book coach & publisher & incredible human) on my beloved team of beautiful Miracle Mindset Mentors, Akosua Joy Brown


Fun Fact about her:


After Akosua completed ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ a few years back, she felt completely transformed!


So much so, that she actually changed her name from Jackie Brown …a name she felt blended into the wallpaper…to Akosua Joy Brown…a name for a QUEEN… which is how she now felt


I simply adore her and I feel honored that she has invited me & her fellow Miracle Mindset Mentor Jennifer Hawkins to speak at her uber cool writing summit happening right NOW!


Won’t you join us?


 It’s her first one, and she is SO excited! 


This link allows you free entry to ALL the talks. You’ll be invited in to her app and from there you can select the workshops you’d like to attend and that’s where links to recordings and some free downloads will be available too!


Please Hit Reply and let me know what you think as this is her first try with this particular software. Your feedback truly matters!

At Your Service,



PS. Akosua is NOW accepting new clients beginning her FIRST ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation/Beta Flight’ . Check out this beloved program virtually every graduate wishes to facilitate, to see if there is anything in it for YOU ♡


Unit 301, 270 Sherman St. N., Hamilton, ON L8L 6N4


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