Inner Child

Inner Child

Inner Child

OK today's message is actually an article I wrote in the recent issue of a beautiful new trade magazine called 'United Colours of Design', for colour passionate creatives!

I invited my dear friend Kitty Barron to make the artwork for it, having experienced a severe trauma in her 50's, which activated her ability to miraculously create virtually life like drawings...I hope you are as inspired as I was by her heartfelt 'Inner Child' ♡

Healing our 'Inner Child' is lifelong for many of us...those of us who choose to be on a journey of self growth.

The system that came through me over 11 years ago truly saved my sanity & life. It involves daily 'Inner Child' work.

I believe it's imperative for us to mother ourselves & our 'Inner Child' order to have the best life we can possibly imagine...surrounded by those who honour our boundaries, and we theirs.

I'm actually writing this article on Mother's Day! I find it fitting as I grew up, not with the mother I wanted, but with the mother I needed to help me become the fierce yet sensitive badass coach, healer & artist that I am today. Thank you momma!

When I was a new mom over 25 years ago, I was feeling very anxious and was led to 2 years of therapy.  My therapist taught me about 'mothering myself' ie: meeting my own emotional, physical, and spiritual needs as an adult, the way my own mother might have wanted to, but due to her own lack of not being mothered the way she would have preferred, was not able to when I was young.

You see, not every mother has the capacity to love as truly, madly & deeply as we may have desired.

We can learn to give ourselves the perfect love we always desired, however.

We need not rely on anyone for this sacred love...even our own mothers.

It's a bonus if we have it...but it is not absolutely necessary for our happiness & success. There is much freedom in not being dependent on anyone but ourselves as sovereign beings.

So...after 2 years of dealing with my 'mommy issues' I was able to say and truly mean & embody this statement:
"My mother did do the best that she could from her state of consciousness...if she had KNOWN better, she would have DONE better".

Then came the beautiful flow of deep forgiveness.

I believe that when we go deep to do our 'Inner Work' and make it a daily practice* of loving & honouring our 'Inner Child' as we would have ideally been loved & honoured as a child, our relationship & lives can heal and we can actually become 'Miracle Magnets' attracting that which we opposed to being 'Crap Magnets' and attracting that which we DON'T WANT.

I have a beautiful 'Inner Child' practice in my signature program 'The VIP Mindset Reset Online' which includes acknowledging & honouring our precious 'Inner Child' each morning as we start our day. This sacred practice works 'hand-in-hand' with a 'Self Love Mirror Work'. Both these practices are a soothing combo for raising our vibration and attracting great things to us each morning. They set the tone for the day.

It's activating the divine feminine.. ie: by honouring our 'Inner Child' AND our 'Grown Self' protecting this 'Little Self ', we can attract to us that which is precious to us....that which we truly desire (miracles) vs. that which we don't want (crap).

One of the best things about having done this sacred work for me is that my relationship with my mother is AMAZING.

We never argue. We simply love each other. We used to have screaming matches as I was growing up and lived unconsciously.

Healing brought us BOTH much peace & understanding. She didn't 'do the work'. I did. Her relationship with my brother is different.

He has not 'done the work'. He's quite fascinated by how I don't have any disagreements with our mother considering the battles he witnessed growing up.

I cannot overstate the importance of healing our 'Inner Child' to keep us in a higher vibration of attracting ALL we truly desire. Reach out if I may serve or support you in your beautiful journey!

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