Today’s message is based on an African proverb I sense may not be new to you.

“If you want to go FAST go alone if you want to go FAR go together”.

Isn’t this just beautiful?

When you work alone, you have the luxury of not having to wait for anyone or needing anyone’s approval to get things done, and you are can surely work FAST. 

But the question is how far can you go on life working alone?

Consider that going far requires the support of others.

I cannot tell you how incredibly grateful I am for this beautiful & powerful woman I consider my ‘Right Arm’ ♡

When Covid hit Eleanor Hayward became half of the dynamic duo (along with the awesome Jennifer Hawkins) who now had the time to co-create (adding their OWN magic to my divinely gifted WAY that saved my life) our beloved ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ 6 Month Mentoring Program ♡ 

They worked diligently and we shared it with the world within 2020!

Virtually every graduate in the 3 years it’s been running, wishes to become a facilitator of this divine feminine ‘Gentle Rain Soaks/Science Backed’ unique modality ☆

The coolest thing is that my chic & unique turn key platform allows beautiful souls like them with a Story, Message & Magic to share with the world, the ability to do just that without needing to reinvent the wheel. 

They can simply plug & play into my system where they get to share also their OWN magic/modalities…for an extra really great extra stream of income!

Eleanor has lovingly trained each Miracle Mindset Mentor herself. She has helped them to hold some of the safest & beautiful space for transformation on the planet ☆

I cannot be more grateful for this beautiful soul who is also my co-host on our top 10% globally rated podcasts…’The Love Your Vibe Show/Podcast ☆

Honestly, without Eleanor’s support, I would not be able to bring this incredible work I was told to share with the world, into the world.

And our fierce yet loving community is growing & glowing!

Let me know if you wish to look at the possibility of being trained to be a worldclass facilitator of transformation (even if you have never done anything like this before) through your own Story, Message & Magic/Modalities on a platform. 

Why reinvent the wheel? Going far…together…to impact the world in a most unique way so we can reveal ‘Heaven On Eath’ is what my beloved growing team & I are ALL about ♡

Please Hit Reply if you’re curious if you wish to find out more about what ‘plugging & playing’ onto my powerful platform, where you allow ME to run the back end, so YOU get to create a great partime income while impacting the world in a way that only YOU can, do for YOU ☆

At Your Service,


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