I gotta tell you that this week brought some powerful miracles and once again proved to me that the ‘Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset’, really REALLY works ☆

I had a ‘Crap Magnet’ morning that turned into a ‘Miracle Magnet’ day…thanks to loving my vibe!

Here’s what happened yesterday…

I was in a state of sadness, anger & confusion yesterday morning. 

I had not slept well…and even had some bad dreams…which are rare these days.

You see my nephew/godson  wasn’t responding to my messages for months and his behavior really baffled me. 

It felt passive agressive and I was anxious as I could not imagine our family Thankgiving together with this strange vibe hanging over our heads.

I did not feel like ME when I woke up. I felt like CRAP.

I checked a few messages which I normally do not until I finish my sacred morning practice.

I found out a client was upset & needed a refund for a course he double purchased and it wasn’t going through.

Another woman who had been wasting my time a lot reached out yet again. She wants to interact all the time yet does not support my business. I only have so much time & capacity.

I was feeling frustrated and shifted in a bit of ‘Woe is me’ for a few beats.

Then I decided “NO…this is CRAP… I’m Better Than This!” (I had yet another ‘IBTT’ moment)

I proceeded to LOVE MY VIBE by practicing my beautiful Miracle Morning (check out Hal Elrod’s book & movement) and I began to lighten up ♡

My IG LIVE Show where I hosted Rachel Wayte was AMAZING and I even got the idea to do a cool collaboration with her and we are chatting about it next week ☆☆

I started feeling SO much better!

Then Lisa Kelly & I had a wonderful ‘Conversations To Raise Vibrations Show’ and afterwards she was really helpful in having me compose another text to my nephew. I sent it.

OK…so clearly something shifted in my energy/vibration 😮

During the end of our show…I received a text from a dental organization I’ve been trying to work with and sponsor 😮  My dream!! 

I truly wish to help dentists step into their Aligned & Authentic, Fully Self-Expressed Act 2! 

I believe my breakdown led to this miracle!!

Then I got off Lisa’s call and called the Dental Association back and she said it would cost me 3K to sponsor! YAAYYYYY!!

Yet during our conversation as I shared WHY I wish to serve dentists…knowing the stress they are under and many or not realizing that they have MORE IN STORE ☆ 

She said “You’re a speaker, aren’t you? Can I hire you as a Keynote Speaker?” I said “YES YOU CAN!” HOLY WOWSA!! What a MIRACLE!!

Then my client messaged me that his refund finally went through!

I was inspired to draw a great  boundary with that women, sucking my energy. She will no longer be bothering me!

Then my nephew (who had been out of communication for months) called and we had the LOVELIEST conversation ever ♡

My day truly felt like a MIRACLE ☆

This is why I KNOW in my heart & soul that when we DECIDE that we are BETTER than ANY situation we are facing…and we simply choose to LOVE OUR VIBE…in whatever way we can, we can truly shift from being a Crap Magnet into being a Miracle Magnet. 

You see, I believe that the Universe picks up our vibrations and matches them with similar vibrational outcomes.

When YOU shift…EVERYTHING shifts ☆

My beloved coach helped me to see that we go up twice as much as we dropped…WOW!

Imagine shifting your day just by simply taking inspired concious action, forward & forward & forward ♡ 

What do you believe learning to ‘Love Your Vibe’ can do for YOU?

I’m right here as always…to witness you…if you care to share…just Hit Reply!

At Your Service, 


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