How To Smile For Real 

How To Smile For Real

How To Smile For Real 

Recently, I noticed a beautiful soul post a meme that said:

“She hides all her problems behind a smile. Behind her smile is a world of pain & hurt. You think you know her, but you really have no idea.”

It broke my hurt to witness this incredible woman put out into the world that she struggles behind a smile, as I used to BE her.

My smile used to be fake for too many years & too many tears.

I was not judging her, simply having compassion for this beautiful soul who lives in this inauthentic place of ‘martyr’…a very common expression of ‘ego’ who feels the need to look like they have it ALL TOGETHER, even though they may be falling apart.

I no longer wear this ‘badge of honour’.

My smile today is genuine.

I believe that we need NOT hide our pain behind a smile when we choose authenticity over everything.

This Miracle Mindset ‘shift in thinking’ & ‘shift in being’ saved my sanity, life & marriage.

My God, I do remember those days well. 

Life was SO hard back then.

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To Your Greatness, 


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