How May I Serve You? 

How May I Serve You? 

OK *|FNAME|* …so today I’m inspired to open up with a powerful question to YOU, beautiful soul who took the time to sign up for my INBOXpirations ☆

You…who actually clicked open this email…and you are reading it…when you could be doing a myriad of other things.

But you are not.
You are reading this email.

Do you know how truly grateful I am to you? 

YOU are my beloved PEEPS ♡

And…I wish to serve DEEPLY.

Tell me…how I can do that?

What do you struggle with MOST?

What keeps you awake at night?

What do you need to numb out from, in your own personal way, so you don’t have to deal with it?

I want to know. I want to grow.

To serve you better ☆

1. What is your BIGGEST struggle?

2. Based on what you know about me and what I do, how do you wish I could possibly serve you?  

I invite you to Hit Reply and tell it to me straight. Remember, your answers come privately to my Inbox…not my team. Total confidentiality guaranteed. 

SO much love to you ♡

At Your Service, 


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