Hire A Hero

Hire A Hero

Hire A Hero

OK...so today’s message is an invitation to join a wonderful event my beloved ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ leadership team is hosting…that might just serve you in your next level of healing & growth ♡

'The Love Your Vibe Transformation' is a beautiful personal development solution for kind, creative, sensitive & heart-centered people who have struggled in 'the dark'…yet know they are here for MORE and believe deep down that they are meant to live in 'the light' ☆

My beloved team is made up of kind & heart-centered leaders for whom this system has helped. They are MY heroes as they have healed from things that kept them in 'the dark'…and are now well-equipped to help others live in 'the light' too!

These awesome heroes share daily in the FB Group 'Retreat & Recreate to Evolve & Elevate' (Join us there if you wish!)

As a 'succulent sampling' of how the 6 month: ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ Group Mentoring Program might serve you in reaching your next level of AWESOME, (while also helping you feel AWESOME within the 3 hours of this PLAYshop) join us on June 26th from 1-4pm EST for the ‘The Love Your Vibe Activation’.

Please check out this FB invitation:


Do Hit Reply if you have any questions at all about this wonderful event and I hope to see you there! ♡

At Your Service,


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