Gift Activation

Gift Activation

Gift Activation here's an interesting message I hope to inspire you with with today.

Did you know that trauma has been known to activate latent gifts?

It's fascinating how breakdowns can often lead to some beautiful artistic breakthroughs ☆

I cannot tell you how many times I've witnessed in my coaching practice & personally: beautiful, sensitive & heart-centred souls who have experienced a very challenging life event such as mental, physical, or relationship breakdown...that activates gifts within them ♡

They become self- expressed in a latent gift (eg: music, fine art...etc.) that feels new to them... or they return to a previous passion in a whole new way.

And their life up-levels in beautiful ways!

I have 3 dear friends who have been to hell & back and can draw your exact likeness...where you feel you are actually looking in a mirror. Their talent blows me away! I personally experienced a mental health breakdown & ensuing suicidal ideation in my final 2 years of my corporate career, that catapulted me out of an inauthentic life to live my TRUTH as an artist.

At 51, I became a professional musician ♡ I'm blessed to perform & record on world-class jazz stages with award-winning artists ☆ I even got invited to perform for my music-loving mayor last year at her 60th private birthday party!

It's truly a miracle that this latent gift was activated at 51.

Perhaps it's our body's response to trauma...I'm not exactly sure. What I do know is that we may have more genius that lies within us that can manifest from breakdowns (that nearly take us out) to art and other forms of expression that benefit us and the world!

I believe that there's a silver lining to virtually all pain. Would you agree?

Please hit Reply and share any stories of this phenomenon that YOU are personally familiar with!

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