Find Your Purpose

Find Your Purpose

OK ... so today's message is an invitation to look deeper within...and ask yourself..."Am I doing what I was brought here to do?"

Are you truly LIT UP from the inside, as you do what you do?

Or are you going through motions, earning a great or even decent income, and you don't think about this question very much...if at all?!

I used to live out of an imposter...trying to look impressive to my parents and the world...and it nearly robbed my sanity & my life. Today I truly don't work a day in my life, as everything I do is either to serve with one of my passions or Purpose/ Mission/ WHY.

Truly...NONE of us was born without a bigger reason.

Oprah Winfrey said it best when she said, "Our purpose is to connect with our Purpose...and to HUMBLY serve the world with it."

I really like this simple schematic and I hope that you can dig deeper to figure out YOUR WHY ☆

I would LOVE you to share it with me by hitting 'Reply' if you wish!!


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