Fear NOT

Fear NOT

Fear NOT

OK ...here is a gentle invitation to choose less struggle if you are like most heart-centered people, and you fear rejection.

I used to be quite terrified of rejection at one time.

A lot of my childhood shame included rejection.

Do you remember getting rejected too?

I know I’ve healed a LOT, and trust that there will always be more healing to do if I get triggered.

Being triggered through a rejection scenario can be a wonderful blessing in disguise

if you choose to do some ‘inner work around it ♡

In fact, I believe that I might have some PTSD around it. Today it's very different ♡

Having been on my 'Love Your Vibe' journey for over 11 years now, I have noted that rejection hurts me a lot less.

It might sting at first...but then it passes ☆

There is peace on the other side when you actually sit with, feel (for 90 seconds), then release your feelings.

I believe that when we learn to truly love & honor ourselves, it can make others' validation of us, less important.

What a beautiful thing that is!

What might your life be like if others' acceptance/validation of you mattered very little?

What more freedom & expansion could you have in your one precious life if you had little dependence on outer validation?

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At Your Service,


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