Who Gets Your Loyalty?

Who Gets Your Loyalty?

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

I've been experiencing a contrast in my personal life as of late...and I'm actually grateful for it more than sad, as through this experience, I get to serve you...my beautiful tribe ☆

You see...I notice that when heart-centred souls are on the journey towards connecting with the truth of who they are...and their bigger purpose...they refuse to play a 'small game' and no longer tolerate that which insults the core of who they are.

However, they can lose friends...even very close ones. Family can even get more distant.

This make total sense when you think about it! If you grow...and they choose to stay the same or cannot accept the new you, the real you, and (in some cases) can no longer control you, they realize you've changed.

As you no longer vibe at the same level, they may try to pull you back down.

Don't back down. Stay true to YOU, ROCKSTAR ☆

Ideal people will enter your life when the others take a lesser role in your life. That's just the way our Universe works!

Loyalty towards those who really get & respect the REAL you & vice versa is what truly matters ♡

Here to serve you as always,


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