Separate to Re-create

Separate to Re-create

Wishing you all a FAB FRIDAY beauties!

What I am about to share is very personal and very painful…but there is a bright side at the end.

I have just entered into my 6th year of coaching this year. Leaving behind my successful (yet soul-sucking) corporate existence has truly been a dream come true for me. Saying goodbye to what was NOT me…to embrace what IS me…a heart-centred servant leader (wanting to see others SHINE & THRIVE) and a passionate artist (jazz artist & jewelry artisan) here for a MUCH ‘Bigger Game’…felt like escaping from prison. I was finally FREE!

I intuitively moved forward and got my coaching certification…created a brand and began getting myself ‘out there’. I have coached many amazing souls over the years and reading the testimonials on my website gets me teary…but I never had a FULL thriving practice.

The last several weeks have been very powerful for me personally and for my biz. You see, this is the year I turn 55. Freedom 55 was an age that used to feel SO old…but inside I still feel like a baby…it’s hilarious!

I swore that by age 55 I would be wealthy. The Universe has been listening. I recently created a unique coaching offer over the Christmas holidays that felt good…but it did not get much of a response at first.  I then made a few changes in my life that I sensed deep in my heart and soul I HAD to make. I recently separated myself from a dear long standing friendship that had sustained me in my ‘old life’, but in my ‘new life’ felt inauthentic & awkward.

After I embraced my true self, the differences in our values became very apparent. I hung in there as best I could for many years…feeling the struggle and stress of loving my friend, but not feeling understood or valued at my core by her. We agreed in the past few weeks that we would love each other from a distance. I was sad…but I felt relieved. It felt like it was the right thing to do. I cried…and let go.

Very interestingly…my offer starting getting interest…and it sold out. I am beyond grateful to report that after executing my offer, my coaching practice is now FULL …and my monthly income is now in the 5 figures. I am absolutely overjoyed on many levels!

First off, to see my business FINALLY take off is wonderful! Secondly, to have honed in very precisely on ‘My Tribe’…those I was ‘born to serve’ and to have virtually every one say “I’ve been watching you for a while…and I am finally ready to say HELL YES to myself” ... pure joy!

To make the connection that when I was able to say goodbye to a dear friendship in my ‘Inner Circle’ that no longer served either of us…freed up my energy and raised my vibration so that I could attract the abundance & joy I had been manifesting all those years!

My message to you is this, my beautiful friends…it’s truly OK to separate in order to re-create ourselves. We CAN say YES to ourselves by saying NO to those who are not meant to be in our lives in a substantial way.

Who is sapping YOUR energy and lowering YOUR vibration that you can learn to love from a distance?


Blessings & Gratitude & Joy,



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