REAL…is the New Perfect!

REAL…is the New Perfect!

Happy FAB FRIDAY dear!

I cannot help but notice behaviours that do not serve us, as a lover of humanity...with a deep desire to serve my beautiful tribe especially.

It breaks my heart to see people not living their truth...but someone else's.

The effect of not being in alignment with our higher/REAL self is feeling like a fake (ever heard of Imposter Syndrome?)...and 'not good enough'...compelled to reach for unhealthy fixes (trance behaviours) such as overeating, overdrinking, drugs, overshopping, anger, victimhood, inappropriate relationships & other escape the pain.

By choosing to be real...staying grounded & connected to the truth of our authentic hearts & souls...we get to live the life of our dreams...and when the Universe believes we are ready...
it activates our Unique Legacy ☆

The world needs us real, NOT perfect.

My deepest desire for you, beautiful ROCKSTAR, is that you will choose to do your own personal 'heart & soul work'...enabling you to clear the crap that is NOT you may humbly serve the world in a very REAL (not perfect) way that truly IS you!

Have an amazing weekend my fab friend!

Blessings & Gratitude & Joy,



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