Own Your Truth

Own Your Truth

Happy FAB FRIDAY beautiful Elvira !

We heart-centred beautiful souls can become victims of low vibrations (Crap Magnets) if we are living out of alignment with our true values & higher selves.

I had my share of inauthentic living for years before I had my 'wake-up call'/ 'blessed breakdown' (depression, anxiety & panic attacks) at my award winning, 6-figure corporate career...and left to become a life coach (Miracle Mindset Coach)...and inspirational artist.

You see, an artist is what I was told I could NOT be as a child...as my parents wanted 'better' for me. I hid that piece from them and eventually myself. I then pretended to be a scientific professional for 27 years.

Living like an imposter can only last so long.

That's why my 'breakdown' was 'blessed'...as it pushed me to finally OWN the fact that I truly was an artist...an entertainer, first and foremost.

More importantly I'm blessed to be a coach who supports others to connect with and live their truth as well!

Reconnecting with my truth even helped avoid getting hit hard when my father passed...as I truly 'walk-my-talk' and didn't go back to the 'dark places' I could have easily visited, as my father was my best friend.

I believe that the Universe first whispers...then talks...then shouts at you, to step up to OWN your truth.

You were brought here to serve the world with your OWN Unique Legacy. Never doubt that!

You need to ask yourself : Am I living MY truth...or someone else's?

Always At Your Service,




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