Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Well...I took a week 'off the grid' last week, to celebrate mine & hubby's 28th year anniversary!

We vowed to disconnect from email, text & social media...to simply honour each other & our 28 sacred years of marriage in beautiful Negril, Jamaica ♡

Going 'cold turkey' off addictive technology was challenging in a very interesting way. After a few days of simply being 'in the moment' with each other, a silly dispute (over me wanting the closet door closed...yup, that ridiculous), erupted which tainted our peace & joy.

I sensed that possibly we were at risk as we did not have the distraction of technology to soothe us, and we were faced with the reality of dealing with our personal quirks.

To make a long story short, this awkward time led to some very deep conversation which led to a breakthrough in our relationship. We actually resolved an issue that we had been skirting (not the closet door, hehe - that was simply the catalyst) as it wasn't comfortable to go there. We hung out on the surface and didn't face our truth...and simply tranced out on technology instead.

As a result, our relationship got uplevelled to a most delicious next level of intimacy, after 30 years together. It felt amazing!

Moving forward, we decided that we would 'disconnect to reconnect' for a week, twice per year and every Sunday...to honour each other.

You see, we watched too many couples at our resort constantly staring at their cellphone screens...while paradise surrounded them.

They seemed all too serious also. We felt 'there by the grace of God went we'...as we decided to shut down our phones & tablets this week and tune into each other. We laughed constantly and enjoyed a Caribbean slice of heaven together. One of our best vacations yet!

Consider a 'tech detox' for the good of your health & relationship too. Please comment on this blog at www.elvirahopper.com. I would love to hear about YOUR experience!

Always at your service,


2 Responses

  1. That is a great idea Elvira…I also am saddened when I see people together but not together because they are each looking at a screen. Technology has it’s place, but also should be kept in it’s place or it can take over and be very destructive.

    1. I really appreciate you chiming in dear Nicole. SO true! We must be intentional in our pursuit of true connection and create some healthy boundaries…
      don’t you think?

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