Energy Speaks

Energy speaks WAY louder than words. Listen close!

Energy Speaks

So...this week, I was guided to remind you of the power of your beingness...your energy!

Your beingness carries an energy all of its own.

You can speak words that you believe are giving one message, but your energy could be giving off an entirely different meaning.

Being congruent is essential to saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.

This is WHY I've made it my life mission to help us live 'aligned & authentic' lives...lives that are 'fully self-expressed' where we don't hold back showing up as we truly are.

Because by holding back who we truly are is a low energy/vibration of inauthentic living & beingness.

Ever notice how fully self-expressed people are more fierce and purposeful?

These people have more conviction in their voices and overall beingness as they are congruent! You can listen to, or be around, them forever! You feel 'light & right' around them.

Then there are those who are holding back, and even though these people may look 'shiny & successful' on the exterior...saying 'all the right things' as their ego wants you to believe that they 'have it all together', yet deep down, you can feel their lack of real authenticity. There is a heaviness present. It's clear who's more pleasing to be around...yes?

How do you believe that YOU are showing up? Are you living your 'bigger reason' for being here in this lifetime?

Is your energy/vibration strong yet light and 'On Purpose'?

Your energy speaks louder than your words ever could. What is it telling the world?

If this matters to you, and you're curious & courageous to go deeper to discern how you are truly showing up, just Hit Reply and if you are one of the first 10, we can set up a chat over the next few weeks.

You see, after 10 years of coaching beautiful heart-centred souls, I've developed a very strong 'spidey sense' that can easily tell if you ARE living 'aligned & authentic' & 'fully self-expressed', or not.

This may sound a bit strange...but I've given myself the unofficial moniker 'The Truth Whisperer' I know that my BS Meter is finely tuned and can easily discern the high energy of truth vs. the low energy of false.

I'm here if you believe it's important to live YOUR truth, live in the light & right vibration of a Purpose-led life... and not the heavy vibration of an inauthentic/ego-led living.

I want you to live your WHY (World Helped by You) and leave the world a better place...while living your every dream too.

Is this what you want for you too?
If so, Hit Reply...I would be honoured to serve you with my gift ♡

At Your Service,

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