Don’t be a ‘One-Trick-Pony’

Don’t be a ‘One-Trick-Pony’

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty! as an artist with interests in various modes of expressing myself, I've realized that I truly do not work a day in my life.


Because I never have pressure to sell anything I create or do...this leaves me in a vibration of pure allowing....allowing opportunities to simply flow to me.

I do not need to sell my jewelry designs to make a living...or book so many jazz clubs a month to pay my bills. As a result, I easily sell my designs and book the clubs...because I practice a principle called 'non-attachment' to anything I I am constantly in a state of joy, love, grace & ease...never desperation or neediness.

The fact that I get to coach heart-centred ROCKSTARS on top of living my truth...fully expressed as an pure bliss...and nothing less ♡

I would love to see you, my beautiful, creative friend - stretch yourself into new areas. Perhaps you can coach or teach or give workshops or take a class in a new creative arena you have ALWAYS wanted to try...but thought it was 'too late' to start something new.

NEVER be a 'one-trick-pony'. Life is WAY easier!

Here to serve you on your journey always,



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