Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

So the message that came through today was a reminder to courageously challenge yourself ☆

I believe you are like a tree. If you are not challenging yourself and growing... you are dying.

What do you feel needs to shift in your life right at this moment?

Can you be grateful for the situations and people who may be pushing your buttons...triggering you may need growth in a particular area in your life to become an even better version of you?

Have you noticed a pattern showing up over and over in your life? Anger? Victimhood/blame? Depression? Anxiety?

Could you possibly have a blindspot that you clearly cannot see (duh...they call it a blindspot for a but everyone else does and perhaps they do not have the courage to tell you?

This is one of the reasons people hire coaches. The coach helps them see themselves clearly by reflecting back what they notice. Then the client can decide to make a change or not.

Coaching works because it is easier to have a caring yet kickass person not emotionally invested in you (like family or friends) stand shoulder to shoulder with you while you challenge yourself to change (grow) in areas of your choosing.

Again...if you could change ONE thing in your life...that you know will improve it...what would IT be?

I challenge you to challenge yourself. Do hit 'Reply' if you wish to be witnessed by me...and possibly receive any golden nuggets I can share to support you!

At Your Service,


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