Beautiful Client Reflections

Beautiful Client Reflections

Beautiful Client Reflections

It was truly beautiful & humbling to hear this feedback from a beloved & highly committed new client ☆

I’m wondering if you might relate at all to this beautiful soul ♡

When I met Diane (not her real name) at a retreat I facilitated at recently, we had an instant connection. There was a palpable SPARK ☆

As the weekend progressed, it was clear that this multi accomplished heart-centred human in her mid 60’s knew that more lay in store for her to explore. She was ready to connect with her aligned, authentic & FULLY self-expressed Act #2 ♡

After several tearful breakthroughs (gosh I love her beautiful heart) that weekend, she decided to invest in herself within one of my 1:1 coaching programs ☆

She was ready to make the REST of her life, the BEST of her life!

She paid ‘full out’ for my 6 month program ‘Unleash Your Miracle Life’ and simultaneously was drawn to a invest in a unique online health program too, clearly committed to her full & holistic transformation ♡

When we began our first session a few weeks later she had lost aprox. 10 lbs…WOW…talk about invested in powerful outcomes!

It is said that “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

Clearly 2 teachers appeared for the fabulous Diane because she was READY ☆

Fun Fact: I have noticed that when my elite 1:1 clients pay ‘full out’, especially when it’s a ‘stretch’ for them,  they take ‘The Work’ very seriously. They are deeply invested to their continuous transformation ♡ 

These are my favorite clients. 

SO hungry for transformation and ready to put aside their egos, go deep and get results…or as I like to say ‘Manifest Miracles’ ☆

Last weekend Diane & I attended a wonderful girl’s night out, with another of my dear 1:1 elite clients. And of course, I took some fun selfies with them ♡

Today on ONLY our second call, she experienced some additional shifts in her beingness. She admitted that she feels like an entirely different person ☆ 

What brought me to tears is that she said that the selfies I took were the first pictures she ever loved of herself. WOW!!

It’s clear to me that when we are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, and we realize that we deserve better than what we are attracting into our lives, we CAN & we SHOULD say “HELL YEAH” to ourselves and invest in whichever modalities & or interventions feel most aligned for us.

This enables us to do the deeper ‘Inner Work’ so we can feel, heal & reveal who we TRULY are…where we can experience more Self Love & better Self Confidence and finally connect to our True Purpose/Mission/WHY ☆

If you resonate with today’s FF, as always, please Hit Reply and ask me (not my team) ANYTHING ♡

At Your Service, 


PS. By the end of today’s Session #2…and due to Diane’s incredible commitment to herself…taking powerful & aligned/inspired action even before we began coaching…she experienced a quantum leap today into her brilliant future that will allow her to manifest some really BIG abundance! The wheels are in motion…and I we are both SO excited for what lies ahead in the next 6 months…and beyond ☆

PPS: What may be possible for YOU and your ‘One Precious Life’?

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