Be Truly You

Be Truly You

So today's message is for you beautiful couples who struggle from time to time...or perhaps more than that?

My darling hubby David and I struggled for too many years and too many I lived SO out of alignment with who I truly was.

I was a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. I was doing my best to look good on the outside in order to gain the approval and favour of those who mattered more than ME...or so I believed at the time. The ego can play ugly tricks on us.

I did not value ME and my opinion of ME as I felt that everyone else's opinion validated my existence. It was better to be acknowledged by my parents, my friends, my corporation and society at large. If they approved of me...then I mattered...right?

Well...after my 'blessed breakdown'... my 'awakening'...where I got present to who I TRULY life shifted in miraculous ways.

One of them was our marriage taking on a whole new dimension of truth and connection. I was no longer an imposter suffering with depression, anxiety, panic disorder and being bullied. I was HAPPY.

I have NEVER returned to those 'dark places' in over 10 years now, since I was divinely gifted with the Miracle Mindset that saved my life...that helped me get real and align with my truth.

We celebrated our 30 year anniversary in the Dominican Republic (that's where this shot was taken) and although our marriage was mostly challenging...the last few years have been heaven... since each of us have done our own personal development work...and we are FULLY ourselves!

Are you living your marriage FULL OUT? Are you living in complete alignment with who you TRULY are? Is your partner living in alignment with who they TRULY are?

If not...message me...and we can chat about the various ways you can get into alignment so you can create heaven on earth ☆

At Your Service,


PS. Have a most JOYOUS Christmas!!!

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