Aligned Values

Aligned Values

Aligned Values's a message to remind you that you need not allow people whose values vary greatly from yours affect your peace-of-mind.

One of my mentors taught me that when we are surrounded with those whose values who do not align with our own, we are going to 'bug the snot out of each other'!

Seriously...I invite you to be very careful about whom you allow into your personal space & energy, because not everyone deserves to be there.

I remember feeling years of awkwardness and judgment within not one, but two best friendships after I experienced a my shift out of my former 'inauthentic' life into my present 'authentic' life.

The values that I used to represent... eg. materialism, corporate 'successful' living, complaining about everything... issues big & small...that my old 'crap magnet' persona experienced...fell away.

My two best friends were used to feeling good about 'fixing me' and giving me sympathy, since we were young. I sense they enjoyed their familiar roles. When my values shifted, as I left my inauthentic life to live my whole existence transformed.

I'm pretty sure that I triggered something in them when I had the courage to take my passion for performing beyond being just a karaoke singer and becoming a professional musician at the age of 51.  When I started really loving my life, it felt that our values were now very misaligned.

I sense that my existence had them question their own. They became very judgmental and critical to the point where I had to separate from them.

It was sad as I still love them dearly...just from a safe distance now.

Had I 'stayed small & safe' for their comfort, I could never have become who I am empowered person who truly loves life and shines from a real longer a fake smile, covering a myriad of struggles underneath.

Here's what I believe: Our personal evolution into becoming who we are truly destined to be is worth everything and everyone.

Now that I am truly me, I have attracted beautiful souls into my life with similar values and I never feel 'small' with them.

Are there people in your life with whom you now experience "clashing values" as a result of your personal growth? Have you found yourself feeling judged by anyone close to you?

If so...hit 'Reply' and message me your experience. I would love to support you, as I've been there...

I see you ♡

At Your Service,


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