Ok …so today I’m excited to ACTIVATE you to your next level of greatness ☆

You see, one of the cool things I’ve been doing easily and joyfully for many years now is ACTIVATING beautiful hearts & souls ♡ 

What an honor to ‘activate’ those who find me very serendipitously. In even just short conversations, they see themselves in a whole NEW light and are inspired to take NEW action allowing them to attract NEW results and miracles. ☆

It’s quite magical really!

If you are curious about how this might serve YOU at NO CHARGE please ‘Hit Reply’ and say ‘”I’m interested”.

If you are one of the first 5 to reply, I would be honored to serve you!

A very talented comedic actress in Hollywood and I had a very powerful and totally complimentary conversation recently. 

It felt like I was destined to share what I shared with her. While I don’t remember what I said exactly, at the end of our chat she said, “Elvira, I feel lighter”. I said “AMAZING”! 

After our talk, her confidence was overflowing and in return, booked auditions left and right solidly. She was excited to share with me that she had 5 auditions within a short period of time. She had booked ALL 5 gigs! As a professional actor, this is virtually unheard of. 

Soon after, she asked if she could share my number with some fellow comedic actresses who had noticed a shift in her ‘beingness’. They were fascinated with her transformation and wanted to know what she did. 

I truly believe that even simple shifts in thinking can transform our beingness, allowing us to become ‘Miracle Magnets’ ☆

How might my gift serve YOU?

At Your Service,


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