OK …I pray today’s message inspires you to make a real difference through your heart felt acknowledgement ♡

There is an incredible home not far from our own, just north of Battleford on the west side of Tenth Line, who put on THE most magical Christmas display of lights & sound each year ☆

For many years we have been visiting and each year I swear that I will knock on their door and let them know just how much they are appreciated for lighting up our neighborhood in SUCH a brilliant way ♡

This year hubby & I visited with his dear cousin Larry, who was down from Timmins, and he claimed he had NEVER experienced SUCH a Christmas delight in his 70+ years.

The 3 of us were clearly inspired and we began taking selfies, when suddenly a kind woman jumped in and asked if we wanted to get full length shots in front of this incredible display. 

We thanked her and she proceeded to take many wonderful shots! Attaching one here:

Although there were many onlookers milling about, taking their own pics, I realized her calm & confident demeanor were special and I asked her: “Are you the owner”? She said “Yes I am” with a big smile!

My hubby David, cousin Larry & I felt we had a brush with greatness by meeting her. We introduced ourselves. Her name is Lillian ♡

We asked her how long it took her to set up the massive display. She said it was “a month of solid work”. WOW! She said she LOVES Christmas…just like a little kid!

I confessed that I had been wanting to knock on her door for years now, to thank her for her beautiful work in making our neighborhood more festive ☆

She got emotional and made me cry too and we hugged. I thanked her deeply for making SUCH a difference in our beautiful Meadowvale, Mississauga ☆

When we said our goodbyes and I rejoined hubby & Larry…they said “Boy…you hugged for a long time”.

It was SUCH a simple thing, and yet who knows what difference it might make in her world that she was THAT deeply SEEN & CELEBRATED by a total stranger. 

I know that it will probably be one of MY favorite holiday stories ever ☆

The difference we can make by acknowledging each other is quite priceless…don’t you think?

Please hit Reply and share anything you wish with me around:

1. Acknowledging someone. 

2. Being acknowledged 

3. Who do you PLAN on acknowledging. 

I would LOVE to witness you!

Have THE most blessed holiday EVER!

I am SO grateful you are HERE in my beloved online community ☆

At Your Service,


P.S. I dropped off a wee gift to her the next day & left it in her mailbox. Hope she loves her lovely journal & my beautiful NEW branded pen ☆

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  1. Hello Elvira,

    I want to start by wishing you and your loved ones Happy New Year. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful gift I received from you and the beautiful message about our Christmas Decorations which my Husband Robin and I set every year to make everyone happy and to spread the Christmas Spirit.

    What you have said in your message really touched my heart and when we met that day, I went home and told my husband that I just met a beautiful soul and told him that I am really blessed to know every year people of good heart passing our path and you were one of them indeed. You have a beautiful family and God bless you and shower you with his many blessings.

    I am sorry this message came late as Christmas is always busy time for us and family.
    My apologies.
    Feel free to know on our door anytime, you are most welcomed:-)

    Your next door neighbor,
    Liliane Shakhparounian

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