5 Wee Wisdom Bombs Gleaned From My FB Hack, 4 U

5 Wee Wisdom Bombs Gleaned From My FB Hack, 4 U

5 Wee Wisdom Bombs Gleaned From My FB Hack, 4 U

OK *|FNAME|*…so have you ever been hacked out of a Social Media account?

Not fun…right?!

However…here’s 5 wee wisdom bombs I gleaned from my recent hack…in hopes that they may serve YOU ☆ 

1. You can manifest your deepest

. I saw SO many of my friends having their Social  Media accounts hacked, and I thought it was just a matter of time before I got hacked too. 

Did I attract my hacker? I believe that I definitely might have.

2. When you do not REACT in OLD ways, but rather RESPOND in BETTER ways, you get to witness your own GROWTH.

The old me would have freaked out and asked: “Why is this happening TO me (entrenched in a ‘Victim Mentality)” rather than what I chose to believe instead “HOW might this hack actually be happening FOR me?” Lovely blessings came out of this seemingly unsavory experience. Read on…

3. The Universe can force you to focus, when it needs what you got. I had started writing an awesome book I channeled a few days before. Then I got distracted and put the manuscript away. The day I got hacked, was the day I finished writing my book ☆

4. You can let go and allow others to carry you. As someone who was constantly on FB… running several Groups and very actively engaging & staying connected with friends, colleagues & clients…it was harsh to have them think I blocked them. 

One client got so scared that she asked for her money back from our program. It was not fun, but I leaned into my brilliant leadership team and beloved community, and let them carry me and each other while I was out. It was beautiful to be supported by them ♡

5 Wee Wisdom Bombs Gleaned From My FB Hack, 4 U


5. Don’t be afraid to share vulnerably…since as a collective/community of powerful & loving minds,  virtually everything is ‘figureoutable’. I dipped into the low vibration of fear and hired someone to unhack me, and it turned out they were a scammer. I’m embarrassed to say they took $555 CDN from my PayPal. They did not recover my account. They just kept asking for more & more $$$. 

I shared my story very honestly (despite the shame I felt for getting duped) with my team. 

One incredible team member (you know who you are Julie…lol) suggested that I call PayPal to place a claim & get my funds back. Sure enough, they asked me to file a fraud charge with my bank. I got ALL my money back. Beyond grateful!

So…although my ‘soul contracted’ to varying degrees throughout my 45 day FB HACK, I’m grateful for the wisdom gleaned…and ensuing ‘soul expansion’. 

Quite frankly, PEACE filled in many moments when I could not access my multitude of fabulous people I stayed connected with, on FB.

Remember beautiful soul…life is always happening 

FOR you and NOT TO you ♡

You NEVER lose. 

You WIN or you LEARN.

My dear brother from another mother and doctor of computer science Hisham, calmly helped me recover my account. SO truly blessed ☆

What is YOUR biggest take away from my share today?

Just Hit Reply and let me know!

To Your Greatness, 


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