Today's message is about the possibility of me serving you, or someone you care very much about, at the highest level possible in 2019.

Although I may not be everyone's 'cup-of-tea', if I am YOURS and you are mine, I guarantee that within my heart filled, soulful yet KICKASS coaching container you will be:

1. Safe

2. Seen

3. Celebrated

4. Supported

Through my intuition and your own, you will get inspired direction towards creating success in ALL areas of your life, whether it be business, career or personal ☆☆☆

My particular style of coaching is for you if you are a heart-centred beautiful and creative soul. A soul who may have gotten too caught up in people pleasing in order to be loved over the years.

You may have fallen into an inauthentic career or life to look good to your parents and the world and you are SO done with your impostor gig.

You may be hiding your pain through a variety of habits and deeper dependencies, be they people, situations or things because you may feel that you need 'outside approval' to validate you.

You may be suffering in the 'dark places' with mental or physical health issues too and yet the world may not have a clue, as you put up such a great facade.

You may have been a victim of narcissists/bullies, as it's a 'perfect storm' while being in this mind state. You, with your kind and beautiful heart are a target for those who can't control their own insecurities and feel they need to control you in order to facilitate their self-serving agenda.

Yet, somehow, deep down you just KNOW you are here for 'something more' ☆

You would LOVE to discover that your Story happened 'for a reason' and what that reason is.

You see Elvira V., if you indeed are part my beautiful tribe, I want you to know I believe you story DID happen for a reason!

When you immerse yourself in 'The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset' teachings and practices one-on-one with me for 6 months in my 'Activate Your Legacy' coaching program. You learn to embody a new way of being that will help you go from being a Crap Magnet into being a Miracle Magnet ♡

Trust me, you truly CAN transform to get out of your own f'n (fear 'n ego) way and virtually attract a life that you LOVE, the life of YOUR DREAMS, where you can leave behind your 'personal darkness' for good.

Most importantly you get to FINALLY put ALL the pieces together, to understand why your Story may have happened for you and not to you.

You may even reconnect with a latent gift/art or take your present one to the highest level of service, helping you to become fully expressed! I want you to fire off on ALL cylinders, discover and serve the world with your Bigger Purpose, your WHY ☆

When you shift/transform, the world gets to benefit from a new Lightworker, whole and ready to serve humbly, yet FIERCELY ☆

So I want you to send me an email and be one of 5 to receive a Complimentary Clarity Call this December so that we can determine if I am YOUR 'cup-of-tea', I hope that you are MINE ♡♡

Everyone isn't eligible or ready for this life changing work, but if YOU are truly ready, I want you to make 2019 your BREAKOUT year. A year where (once again for emphasis lol) you learn to get out of your own f'n (fear 'n ego) way to:

1. Leave behind your darkness...naturally (no drugs or therapy) ☆

2. Live YOUR truth and YOUR dreams ☆

3. Learn to connect with...so you may leave behind your beautiful Unique Legacy ☆

At Your Service,


"There is NO WAY I could have taken action to create the success I have today...if it wasn't for my conversations with you Elvira" ~ B.A. / 'Activate Your Legacy' client.

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