☆ Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever ☆

☆ Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever ☆

So...perhaps I'm going out on a limb here, but might you possibly be a heart-centred accomplished 'ROCKSTAR' to the world, but you don't truly feel it, in fact deep down you may actually feel like an imposter, dare I say...a fake?

You think to yourself: 'I made all the right moves, I'm a good person, I made my parents proud with my career choice, I'm a success by society's standards"...right?! "Who am I to complain?" But behind closed doors, beautiful soul, you struggle and if you get really honest with yourself, you feel that life SHOULD feel better than it does. What are you missing?!

You may try to run from your discomfort/pain in order to fool yourself and numb yourself out in a myriad of ways; over-eating, over-drinking, over-shopping, over-gambling, addiction to drama or the internet, over-exercise and needing approval of your desirability from others (if you are in a committed relationship).

You see, these are just a few of the possible escapes and coping mechanisms you can struggle with when you're deep in this inauthentic mindset.

You may disguise these inner feelings of unworthiness with your outgoing personality and shiny exterior because you are ashamed to be found out...and DAMMIT you SHOULD be HAPPY...RIGHT?!

The struggle is real.

Your mental and physical health and key relationships suffer too. You may constantly feel like a victim, getting bullied in one or more areas of your life. On the opposite end, you may actually be on the defensive and you may be bullying others. It's a vicious cycle.

THIS is what living out of alignment can look like. Yikes!

I invite you to get really quiet and real honest.

Might you be living a life aligned with your family values...which you might have outgrown?

Have you possibly made your friends' or society's values your own, yet they actually don't FIT you anymore or never actually did? You've been a 'people pleaser' and went along with everyone, you're that 'nice person'...right?

Are you living out of alignment with your precious heart and soul?

Consider, what you were brought here to be, do and have MORE than you have presently...even though you APPEAR to 'have it all'?

Do you realize that it is NEVER too late to get off the 'hamster wheel' of everyone else's expectations and start living YOUR OWN TRUTH?

You see, when you live your truth (although you may have NO CLUE what that is right now), your life starts shifting in miraculous ways.

Toxic relationships and situations can magically end, amazing new relationships and opportunities can begin and you get to realize deeply WHY you are here...what your personal mission is in this lifetime.

When you fully connect with this and you FULLY express yourself, life transforms from black and white into TECHNICOLOR.

Trust me...I see it all the time.

How do I know all this?

Because I lived it. My lack of alignment with my authentic heart and soul nearly killed me about 10 years ago.

Now my life is a virtual dream and I hardly work a day in it. I even became a professional jazz artist at 51 and incidentally my jazz duo's name is 'Heart & Soul'!

Sure, life throws me curve balls all the time, but I have a 'Miracle Mindset' that I live and breathe daily...and it saved my sanity and my life. It's my mission now to share it with the world and I'm blessed to say that I'm doing just that.

What if JOY became your natural 'go to' state?

What if you could actually FEEL like the ROCKSTAR that everyone thinks that you are?

What if you could show up in the most authentic, powerful and magnetic way that you attracted ALL the biz you can handle, achieve the career aspirations you deeply desire and attract the beautiful soul fulfilling relationships you truly deserve.

What if you could make JOY your NEW DEFAULT?!

Being the kind heart-centred soul that you are, what IF you could be an INSPIRATION to others and truly leave the world a better place?

Care to chat about what 'linking arms' with me might look like...so you can use my powerful intuition and unique turnkey system and not 'go it alone'?

If you resonated strongly with the majority of what I shared, I invite you to sign up for one of my 10 limited Complimentary Clarity Calls below on January 2nd and let's explore all of this and MORE.

I don't wish to and am not able to coach everyone, I only have space for 3 new clients for my 6 month, 1:1 elite program, 'Activate Your Legacy'...where we chat for one hour every Thursday and have unlimited access to me in between calls. You are NEVER alone.

If you and I are destined to work together it will be pure joy and a privilege to serve you, as this is MY WHY, to help beautiful heart-centred ROCKSTARS align with their higher/true/authentic selves, so they can leave the world a better place through THEIR WHY...while living a life of THEIR dreams ☆

This personal development work can be very challenging on our own. It is SO much easier in a beautiful and joyful space when we feel: safe, seen, celebrated and supported!

Choose the best time for your no-obligation conversation below ♡

"Don't die with your music still in you" ~ Wayne Dyer

"Get Out of Your Own F'N Way...
Your Miracle Life Awaits!"


~ E.V.Hopper

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