Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!'s message is about loving every part of you, including the uncomfortable places you would rather not visit.

You see, it takes big courage to look within, to make peace with and heal another layer of your mind, heart and soul. You must gather up this courage to feel even more self love and peace, as it's essential to your personal growth.

There was a time when I hid from myself, when I lived to get the world to approve of me and my image (that I carefully curated).

I did pretty good, until I could not stand the insult to my soul that living this shiny (lie) life was doing to me.

I'm now honoured to live my truth. I look good to ME on the inside, instead of needing to look good to everyone else on the outside.

How I accomplished this was in part due to complete self acceptance.

Acceptance of my 'dark/shadow/false self' as well as deep gratitude for my 'light/higher/true self'.

Triggers are my friends now, as when I feel discomfort today, I choose to go deeper within to figure out what triggered me, and to learn more about myself & others.

For example: Does a courageous conversation need to take place to move you forward more powerfully? Does some extreme self care need to happen? etc...

Dear Elvira you embark on your new year...please know that you are deeply loved by a Creator that thought you were awesome enough to bring you here (with a special reason in mind) and your job is to connect with the 'real you'...which leads you to your Purpose. When 'own it'...humbly, yet can make the world a better place ☆

At Your Service,


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