Your Purpose

Your Purpose

Your Purpose

Ok is another passionate plea to bring awareness to YOUR unique Purpose…the reason you were brought here in this lifetime.

To begin…did you know that scientific studies show us that those of us who feel connected to a Purpose bigger than ourselves, actually age better and live longer?

Is THAT reason enough to do your ‘Inner Work’ to figure out WHO you are and WHY you are here?! Lol!

Seriously though…

How would your life be if you lived it in accordance & alignment with your values & your Purpose/Mission/WHY?

Would you allow anyone to talk you out of living your TRUTH?

Would you do ALL that you could to protect the reason WHY you were born?

What if someone close to you became uncomfortable with you living your truth because it was inconvenient for THEM?

Would you live it anyway and risk losing them?

Is your Purpose negotiable or is it mandatory?

I’m privileged to journey alongside beautiful heart-centred souls as they GET who they TRULY ARE & WHAT they are here to do.

When they FULLY embrace & embody their TRUTH, the Universe conspires to make it happen. When they do, miracles happen…they really do!

One beautiful client just left her husband of 13 years who truly did not SEE her and her bigger Mission to write powerful fiction books.

This woman is seriously talented and got a publisher years ago. But her stories were NOT getting written.

She KNOWS beyond the shadow of a doubt that her future includes being a globally cherished author.

She realized in her heart & soul that her husband’s luke warm appreciation of her and her art was actually toxic energy that prevented her from releasing her magical stories.

Within our coaching calls over the months it became very clear that she could never be happy in her marriage. They tried therapy. To no avail.

She told me that she is SO grateful she had me to support her during the messy times. Sadly he did not have similar support.

She moved out. She now feels peaceful…her writing is flowing she’s hopeful about her brilliant future!

AMAZING NEW opportunities are finding HER since she said YES to herself and her beautiful Mission ☆

She even lost 30 lbs in the span of 6 months…a nice little bonus metaphor for releasing what no longer served her and her non-negotiable Purpose!

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