You Heal Yourself

You Heal Yourself

So today's message is one that delights & humbles I'm blessed & honoured to live in this beautiful millieu ♡

I consider myself an Artistic Healer ☆

I simply use my creative expressions to facilitate healing in those I'm born to serve.

I'm privileged to be a jazz artist turned Sound Healer, Reiki & Sound Reiki practitioner, and a Theta Healer.

I also create divinely inspired pieces of jewelry that get blessed with Reiki energy. I'm told that my bling feels SO good to wear.

To me it's about getting present to the fact that we are always moving towards homeostasis, and we have ALL that we need to heal ourselves.

You may experience 'triggers' from time to time. These moments that can actually feel like 'frying pans to your face'.

When you clear away the crap that can arise from these feelings that bubble you face get through them & actually heal another layer of can 'enlighten' you ♡

We are like onions...there is always another layer to heal.

I truly believe that we are ALL perfect whole and complete and the only thing keeping us from truly embracing and embodying this truth is fear & ego. Old programs still run in the background.

This is why personal growth/ development is SO important.
We can reprogram our mindset so that we heal and attract better outcomes to us.

Triggers are not comfortable...but often necessary for ultimate growth.

Feel free to share any circumstances that triggered you and that you have evolved/healed from and inspired you to become the next version of YOU 2.0 ☆

At Your Service,


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