Today’s extra long message (I thank you in advance for reading my entire novella lol) is an invitation to look at any personal situation in your life, where you believe you are not being treated fairly, as an opportunity to look at yourself and decide if you are BETTER than that ☆ 

You may know my Story, where at my rock bottom, I had a profound awareness that if I was being bullied both corporately AND socially…I was actually the common denominator. 


This was one of the most enlightening moments of my life. 

Why? Because at that time, my Higher Power began to show me the foundation of the ‘Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset’ ♡

One of the first teachings that dropped in was the idea of IBTT (I’m Better Than This). Was I the awful person those 2 people made me out to be? 

Or was I actually a beautiful child of the Divine, who brought me here for a Purpose uniquely my own?

I decided to believe the latter ♡

I then realized that if I brought ON adult bullying with my vibration, I had the power to undo/reverse the bullying with my vibration. 

Double GASP!

Then I was shown that those 2 people were actually my 2 biggest ‘Angels of Evolution’. 

Triple GASP!

Seriously…if those 2 people had not bullied me (remember, I was totally bulliable because of my vibration)…where would I be working now?

Probably BIG PHARMA. 

Another GASP!!!!

By hating me, shaming me and making me a laughing stock, they forced me to ‘Love My Vibe’ and do my ‘Inner Work’, so I could become ‘Unbulliable’/ ‘Unfuckwithable’. 

What a GIFT ☆

The really amazing thing is that when I tore the ‘Kick Me’ sign off my back (one of the key teachings I was gifted with) they stopped bullying me. They actually think I’m great now!

Why? Because I stopped bullying myself.

Yet another GASP!

Seriously…guess who the series of books being written (by Akosua Brown, MJ McQueen & I) to share these ideas with high school & grade school kids, parents & teachers, as I write this, are being dedicated to? 

That’s RIGHT! Both of my bullies. 


How grateful I am to have a beautiful toolbox of teachings & tools, “tied up in a neat little bow” (according to fabulous co-creator of  ”The Love Your Vibe Transformation’, Eleanor Hayward) ♡

Virtually every graduate of ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ wishes to become a facilitator of this beautiful modality, as they got to witness the power of this incredible ‘Crap Magnet to Miracle Magnet’ transformation ☆

I ask you to consider this…If you too are a kind & heart-centred human, you have more than likely experienced this ‘Power Under’/Victim reality…yes?

You have at some point experienced others wanting to have ‘Power Over’ you. Yes?

You might have responded in a ‘Power Over’ with them where you actually attempted to take your power back. Yes?

You see victims can bully back in defense of themselves, and then the bully ends up feeling like a victim. 

Have you ever experienced this inauthentic/ego led behavior?

Or like me, you have gone to a ‘dark place’ mentally where you experienced depression, anxiety, panic attacks…etc.? Perhaps you numbed out in a variety of ways such as: overeating, overdrinking, overshopping, or a variety of other addictive behaviors?

Well…if you have not shifted yet to a place my beloved team of Miracle Mindset Mentors & Apprentices & I live in today…a ‘Power With’ beautiful beingness, I invite you to look at how this unique Inner Work can serve you today.

In 3 short hours I can teach you how to ‘Love Your Vibe’ that you can never unlearn!

People have told me how powerful it is as a ‘stand alone’ ☆

Yet when Covid hit, 2 incredible women Eleanor Hayward & Jennifer Hawkins stepped forward, as they said my teachings & tools saved their lives too, and were inspired to co-create The Love Your Vibe Transformation 6 month Mentoring Program ☆

This ‘gentle rain soaks’ yet powerful, backed by science  program, allows participants to live & breathe the Love Your Vibe teachings & tools that saved my life, and I was guided to share with the world ♡ 

I wasn’t meant to do this alone. Eleanor & Jennifer co-created an amazing program where 8 people (or under) gather for 2 hours twice monthly on Zoom, allowing beautiful heart-centred communities to feel & heal, to REVEAL who they TRULY ARE ☆ 

Everyone feels: Safer (than in virtually any community they have ever been a part of before), Seen, Celebrated & Supported ♡

They now NEVER need to live as an unconscious Crap Magnet, in  Power Under/Power Over energy, where they inadvertently attract what they DON’T want.

It’s not that life suddenly becomes perfect. It more like their new mindset allows them to shift into a better state, without ‘Spiritually Bypassing’, much quicker than they could have before ♡

They CAN choose to live in Power With energy, which allows them to be a Miracle Magnet and attract what they DO want, instead ☆


So…what do you believe might be in this miraculous modality for you or someone you care about?

If you wish to learn more, please Hit Reply and I will personally & lovingly answer any & all questions ♡

To recap:

If you identify as a heart-centred human, you can benefit TODAY from simply learning how to ‘Love Your Vibe’ in my 3 hour transformational online (at your own speed) course called:

The VIP Mindset Reset Online for only $297 + HST ☆

If you decide to go deeper where your brain can actually rewire for greater happiness & health, in a long lasting way, by consistently applying my modality (& powerful extras E & J added) you can join one of our brilliant communities (family you choose for yourself) for 6 months, in The Love Your Vibe Transformation, for as low as $1497* + HST (we have a 6 month payment plan) ☆

*If you already purchased the 3 hour course & decide to invest in the 6 month, your $297 + HST is rebated back to you!

You are WORTH IT ♡

Again, please Hit Reply to ask me anything!

To Your Greatness, 



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Lea Holmes for winning my 

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