You ARE Good Enough

You ARE Good Enough

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Today's message was inspired by an Instagram post my son (who turned 23 yesterday) made to honour his sweet and lovely girlfriend who surprised him with a night at The Drake Hotel in T.O..

She added some others surprises including a charcuterie board and champagne upon their arrival (those 2 are in LOVE with their cured meats)!

As he thanked her in his sweet post...he mentioned how he doesn't always feel like he is the best human being...but she ALWAYS makes him feel special ♡

Well...although it was very touching to read how devoted these beautiful young people are to one also made me a little sad that my beautiful and brilliant son who has accomplished SO much in his short years on the planet could say that he doesn't always feel like the best human.

It got me to thinking that feeling 'not good enough' is truly rampant in our's a LIE.

The truth is...that when we brush all the crap that is NOT us away...other people's expectations and opinions...when we simply stay connected to our true hearts and souls...our passions...which lead to our Purpose...we will get that we truly ARE good enough to be, do and have anything and everything we desire in this lifetime.

I will be a remind my beautiful tribe of this fact...for the rest of my life ♡

At Your Service,


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