I just got  back  from my FIRST  Madonna concert …and I am elated!


I keep proving to myself over & over & over…that the more I face challenges & dark nights of my soul…the more I get to uplevel and be the Miracle Magnet I deserve to be ☆


For my glory? No.


I am simply showing what is possible for any of us heart-centred humans who have struggled in dark places, and have inadvertently attracted crappy things we DON’T want… what we CAN attract instead ♡


I’ve learned to lead myself with even greater self love & self compassion recently…and truly learn from my mis-takes …realizing what I would do differently next time.


In the past, I would have beaten myself up in a shame poopstorm and would have attracted even more poop to me…lol! 


Just imagine me in a storm of poop swirling around me and hitting me over & over! Not too pretty…right?


OK…so silly images of me aside… I’m curious…does this ever happen to YOU?


Do you ever find that the more things go south, the more south things go?


What if you had some solid mindset tools that you could turn to and not go to ‘the dark’…for very long? 

How would it improve your life, to learn to ‘Love Your Vibe’?


For me today…the dark times are processed quickly, and I get to shift back into my ‘Miracle Magnet Zone’ where really cool things I love, find ME, rather fast! 


Case in point…2 days ago a dear client/mentee (turned friend) invited me to join her in her company’s executive suite (not a cheap ticket) at the Madonna concert. It was incredible, by the way!


Fun Fact: I was stopped outside the stadium to be interviewed by our CBC National News …where I hope I didn’t embarass my hip child too badly, as I VOGUED… rather lamely…lol!


I had loved Madonna all through the 80″s and beyond…yet never actually invested in one of her concerts. I always thought it would have been really cool to go!


Also…last week, I found out that I am now a ‘played & paid’ musician on a cool new Canadian yet international jazz station. My name is on the same webpage as Diana Krall & Michael Buble.


Say WHAT? A crazy dream come true!


I believe that having the right teachings & tools is KEY to not being susceptible to life’s ups & downs. 


Being able to consciously shift out of the low vibes as quickly and naturally…without spiritually bypassing…is key for your good health, happiness, great relationships and attracting a beautiful life of MIRACLES TO YOU ☆


What do YOU believe? Can you use a bit of support to help you turn the poop you encounter into the finest fertilizer for your ultimate growth?


If so, please Hit Reply and let’s chat…as my brilliant team of accredited Miracle Mindset Mentors are accepting new clients in their beloved, intimate & affordable 6 Month Mentoring / Personal Development SOULution called: ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ ♡


Virtually every graduate wishes to be a facilitator…and my beautiful team is growing fast!


What’s in it for YOU?


At Your Service,




PS: You may notice that today you received your FF on Saturday instead of Friday! The reason is because I upgraded to a cool new phone and I experienced tech issues, which eventually brought my website down. My tech team had to switch my hosting  platform. I spent many patient hours with them that in the past would have really stressed me out. Especially as I had many people wishing to pay for their programs on my site. One of my techteam even said  “I’m proud of you Elvira. You’re in control of your emotions, and I admire your stability”. A real miracle of transformation ☆How could becoming a Miracle Magnet serve YOU beautiful soul?


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