Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira, if you are like me and most of my beautiful tribe...you have given away your power (eg: dependent on others' approval in order to feel good and worthy) a time or 122...amaright?!

Feeling 'not good enough' and then manifesting more people who mirror exactly those feelings of you not being enough is typical and sad.

Here is what I know for sure...

When we step away from our ego...and the 'people pleasing' need for approval from 'certain' people...those NOT in alignment with our heart and soul... beautiful new people step into our life to fill those places ☆

What a gift to be able to discern who deserves to be in our Inner Circle...and who can be loved from a safe distance in our Far Outer Circle ♡

So Elvira, YOU get to decide who deserves YOUR beautiful presence! Isn't that wonderful?

Always At Your Service,


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