What is Your Ikigai?

What is Your Ikigai?

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Happy New Year dear...I hope that 2018 is treating you wonderfully so far ☆

I was very inspired today by this cool Venn diagram depicting beautifully what the Japanese call 'Ikigai'- a reason for being ♡

You hear me speak of 'Unique Legacy', which in essence is 'Ikigai'.

What I've noted in my beautiful heart-centred ROCKSTAR tribe is that they have struggled and strived to make their life work...to connect to their bigger Purpose.

Virtually every single one though, got in their own way...either playing too small or too big...and sabotaging their own success and happiness.

As a result...they reached for fixes of unhealthy dependencies and non-serving mindsets to cope with their struggle.

When they joined my coaching container, Spirit served them through me. After they learned the unique and transformational mindset teachings...learned to truly embody them, brush away everything that was not them...like magic, bright shiny them showed up to run the show and connect to why they were brought here in this lifetime...and they created the life of their dreams ☆

In essence they went from being Crap Magnets to being Miracle Magnets ☆

To gift yourself...if you also sense deeply that you are a member of my amazing tribe...you want to learn how to live consistently from your Higher Self...reap miracles of your hearts desires on a daily basis...and be gifted with your Unique Legacy (how the world will remember you when you are gone) then please book your Complimentary Clarity Call at: www.elvirahopper.com/ccc to see if coaching with me can get you to where you want to be.

You don't have to struggle in the dark and lonely places like I did...trust me. If I could become my authentic self in my 50's (leaving behind a soul-sucking corporate life to become a pro jazz musician, international jewellery artisan and most importantly a coach to beautiful souls to connect to their TRUE selves) there is hope for us all!

If you book your call before midnight tonight...you may be eligible for a FREE month of coaching (if we are a perfect match) ♡

Wishing you an AMAZING 2018!

Always at your service,


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