We’re looking for more of US

We're looking for more of US

We’re looking for more of US

OK *|FNAME|* ……so last week I mentioned that my FF Subject Lines would no longer have ‘FAB FRIDAY’ in them.

This was suggested by my worldclass marketing expert on my beloved team, as she felt it is redundant.

And yet, my system added it anyway…which may (or may not) have confused you…lol!

What it showed me is what I teach & preach to my team all of the time. 

The lesson is: “We need to be REAL, NOT perfect”.

Trust me, there was a time that I would have been embarrassed, sent out another email with profuse apologies and felt rather small. 

I’m blessed to say that I’ve done enough healing of my trauma, on my path to wholeness & authenticity (Loving My Vibe) that I did not feel the need to drop back into ‘my old ways’ last week. 

I actually found it mildly ironic & humorous…lol!

We're looking for more of US

So now…changing things up a bit, I’m curious to know…what might YOUR life be like if you got to help heart-centred humans on the planet do their ‘Inner Work’ of healing & growing into the GREATEST version of themselves?

What if you could create an extra wonderful & very partime income by helping them do just THAT?

My brilliant team IS expanding and my business model is totally unique & beautiful ☆

It IS attracting incredible souls like my beloved team…people who feel like HOME to me ♡

Are you curious to see if it’s for YOU too?

If so, please Hit Reply and let’s set up a short & casual ‘no obligation conversation’ to see if this opportunity might be an answer to YOUR prayers ♡

If it IS for you, time is of the essence, as we begin new programs immenintly. 

I’m excited to chat, if you resonate!

At Your Service,


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