We Did It

We Did It

We Did It

OK ** ... so today's message lands right on the FINAL day of 2021 ☆

If you are reading this (and clearly you are) I want to remind you that YOU DID IT!

W E   D I D   I T !!!

It was ONE HELLUVA RIDE, wasn't it?

And you are STILL HERE...perhaps a little battered...a wee bit bruised...but hopefully wiser, fiercer, and more compassionate ♡

Living through a pandemic is not for sissies...that's for sure ☆

I invite you to take out a journal and write out ALL the things you are MOST proud of in 2021.

What did you experience that lit you up?

What can you do MORE of in 2022?What are you NOT so proud of that you experienced this year?

I invite you to set an intention to  create more of what you DO want...and let go of what no longer (or never did) serve you.

If you feel like sharing your lists with me, I would be honoured to witness you ♡

Also...if you are open to a beautiful sound healing ceremony to let go of what no longer serves you while you relax deeply during the first Full Moon of 2022, I would love for you to join my beautiful & talented siSTAR Jocelyn, myself and our wonderful community on Friday January 14th

Click here to register

Have a most incredible 2022 beautiful soul ♡

SO grateful you are a part of my beloved community!

At Your Service,


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