Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential

Unlock Potential

OK …so today’s message is an invitation to ‘Unlock Your Creative Potential’ in a FREE 3-Day Live Stream event hosted by my friend and colleague Patricia Daly, a beautiful ‘Confidence Coach for Musicians’.

I am super excited because a special invitation has been extended to me to be part of the event, where I will be interviewed live on March 15th at 5 pm GMT to support you in releasing any possible self-doubt, so you can show up confident, vibrant & fun-loving…enabling you to achieve your highest creative potential as a musician ☆

I sense it is going to be life-changing as it will elevate you to a whole new level of personal empowerment through better confidence in your musicianship.

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At the end of this Facebook Live Training Event, you will learn…

● How to Tap Into Your Inner Resources to an Elevated CONFIDENCE and perform without fear of judgment.

● How to anticipate something you at one time dreaded and now get to pursue with ease leading to Increased Authority and Presence.

● How to authentically express yourself through music so that you feel happy and wholesome again.

● How to connect to Source, develop deep listening skills and bring that yearning in your heart out into the world.

● How to release resistance to what you desire, overcome self-doubt and value yourself as a powerful musician and artist of influence …and SO much more!

If any of this resonates with you then this FREE Virtual Live Stream event is 100% for you and is airing March 15th – 17th starting 5:00 pm GMT 

Please join us here

There will be Bonus Gifts, coaching, and community so I hope you feel it’s a No Brainer ☆

At Your Service, 

P.S. If you know a Musician, Artist, or Creative influencer please feel free to share this information!

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