First off, happy 2024 ☆ May this year be your BEST YET!

Secondly, I invite you to consider, would you be OK or at least neutral in the face of reversal of ‘Outer Validation’?

Would you be accepting & not freaked out to see any person who turns away from you either in anger or indifference, without the earth crumbling beneath you?

Would this be a worthy goal for you? Would you feel more peaceful? More free? More EMPOWERED?

What if those situations & people who triggered you are actually opportunities for your continued ‘Personal Growth’, which may even open up a path to learning how to love yourself even deeper and understand the world better… separate from your ego’s natural defenses & pretenses?

I believe in the concept of ‘Angels of Evolution’… i.e.: those situations & people who can push your buttons, yet actually help you to evolve into more of who you truly are at your core. 

They can support you in becoming the person you were meant to become in order to live out your ‘Unique Purpose’… authentically… not dependent on any THING or any ONE for your personal validation ☆

Don’t you feel that ‘Inner Validation’, may be one of the biggest gifts that your ‘Inner Work’ can offer you? 

Consider too that TRUE fullfiment can only arise from learning to love your light AND shadow and not being co-dependant on anything or anyone else in the world, including addictions to substances. Especially those people & things closest to you.

As a former ‘People Pleaser’ I’m certain that ‘Inner Validation’ is the antidote to the ‘Disease to Please’ (as Oprah calls it) & the need for ‘Outer Validation’.

I’ve noted that when we have done enough ‘Inner Work’ and can live in a state of  Self Love & Self Acceptance, and not co-dependent with anyone or anything outside of us, true freedom & fulfillment can emerge.

Easier said than done. Very challenging to do this ‘Inner Work’ alone. Luckily, we don’t have to.

What I know deeply, because I’ve lived it, is that living from this beautiful space of self-love & full acceptance is what can even unify us as a humanity… where we can reveal the #HeavenOnEarth that is already here. 

We simply need to dial into its frequency… like on an old-fashioned radio ☆

What does this possibility feel like for YOU?

I just had lunch today with a youthful woman of 71 who  said that she has struggled with living in some ‘dark places’ such as anxiety & depression. 

She went to see a therapist. Her therapist told her WHAT to DO eg: be a part of a healthy community & growing into a person more connected to and enjoying her passions. 

She feels  that ‘The Your Vibe Transformation / 6 Month Mentoring Program’ is the HOW she can GET there ☆ I believe she is RIGHT! 

We still have spaces for you to join us so you can learn how to be a Miracle  Magnet, FOREVER… from January until June 2O24 ☆ 

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