Trust Your Vibes

Trust Your Vibes

So today is less a FAB FRIDAY and more a Good special blessings on all my Christian friends ♡

I was asked to share a super short and sweet message around trusting your inner spidey senses...that are virtually never wrong.

You know intuitively who is good for you...and who needs to step away...but your ego can sometimes block your inner knowing.

Hindsight is always 20/20 vision however. Can you think of a time where you went against your inner knowing... trusting your vibes...and it did NOT go well for you?

Again...just a gentle reminder that vibes are very real...and that your body/gut knows even better than your head what is right for you...and WHAT and WHO you need to move away from.

Will you pay closer attention to the people, situations and things you should leave?

By trusting your leave that which no longer serves you and move towards that which does.

I'm here if you wish to share any thoughts, insights or hitting Reply!

At Your Service,


P.S. Easter blessings to you and yours!

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