Trust What You Feel

Trust What You Feel

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

The message that came through today is a gentle reminder to trust what you FEEL ♡

You see, when you are in tune with your body's wisdom, heeding your feelings and listening to the wisdom of your heart and soul, ie: your Higher 'Intuitive' Self, you will rarely go wrong.

Your head (ego mind) can often confuse you, leading you to take 'ego action' vs. 'inspired action', and 'ego action' rarely leads to positive outcomes.

In my humble opinion, your lifelong mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become so very mindful of your body's wisdom. Honing it through things like journaling, meditating and coaching, so you learn to truly TRUST your feelings.

I believe you have EVERY SOULution you will EVER need, inside of you. The aim is to get past your fear & ego (f'n) way, to access the genius within you.

This is why I feel so very privileged to be a coach, I do not offer all the answers, I'm truly no guru, what I do is I simply connect my clients to their own Inner Guru...the Higher Self who knows what is BEST, ALWAYS ☆

If you need any support to connect to your intuition /wise genius in you, feel free to hit 'Reply' and let's chat!

At Your Service,

P.S. I'm running magical mini personal retreats every Monday at a zenful wellness centre in downtown Oakville for anyone ready to invest in themselves with some beautiful Extreme Self Care. This enlightening experience is done through healing (Reiki & Sound) and connects you deeply with your Higher (Intuitive) Self, offering you a much desired breakthrough in your life. Each session is also served with some lovely divine nourishing surprises too ☆ I call this unique new modality 'CoacHealing'... and it's getting RAVE reviews ☆

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