if you are a heart-centred female biz owner in the GTHA, today’s message asks you this…


Are you ready to tap into your INNER ROCKSTAR (whether you can carry a tune, or NOT… ESPECIALLY if you cannot carry a tune in a paper bag)…lol!


Do you wish to connect with fellow like-hearted business women…as you both elevate your business by elevating your SELF?

Well…if you are picking up what I’m puttin’ down, I invite you to join us for this unforgettable inaugural evening: ‘Karaoke Connections with Elvira & Eleanor’ at BE Yoga & Wellness in Burlington ♡


My brilliant colleague Eleanor Hayward (who is terrified of singing karaoke, which is why she believes that she MUST get over herself to uplevel her life & biz) and I, have set the intention to make this a heart-centred women’s networking event that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, supported..and ready to do ANYTHING!


It’s a safe space to SING & SPEAK (ie: share the WHY behind your business or global mission at the karaoke mic)…with NO cameras or videos…unless you want them for your marketing. 


It will be as safe as any small community possibly can be ♡

We invite you to “Unleash Your Voice & Unleash Your Power!”

In a nutshell…


You will enjoy a night of:

  • Karaoke fun & dance (professionally DJ’d) in a supportive & non-judgmental community ☆
  • Meaningful connections (Possible Power Partnerships) and new friendships ♡
  • The freedom to learn to be MORE YOU in EVERYTHING you do ☆

>>>Limited spots available!<<<

Secure your 1 of 10 tickets now…and get ready to shine!

See you there, beautiful ROCKSTAR (ESPECIALLY if you DON’T FEEL like ONE right NOW) ☆

At Your Service, 





PS. I used to be a crappy karaoke singer who was told to shut up a LOT back in the ’80’s. I got sick of that, as I felt I was born to sing/entertain. I took some very basic lessons for years. I finally decided I was good enough…far from perfect. Today I am part of two amazing jazz bands who get to perform & record on world-class stages. I went pro at 51. 

I’m proof that it’s NEVER too late, and you are NEVER too old to do those things that you were brought here to do and be a Miracle Magnet ☆

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