Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira, the message that came through today...goes pretty deep...are you ready?

Do you believe that you are here in this lifetime to serve the world in a way that only YOU can?

Do you trust that a benevolent Force that wanted you here...and does not create 'junk' truly guiding you...albeit at times it's hard to believe it, as the crappy stuff happening on the planet makes you shake your head and wonder at times? Yes?

I see that we are evolving as a humanity...and that we are experiencing the collective 'Gift of Contrast', ie: getting to see what it is that we do NOT want, in order to gain clarity on what we DO we can manifest THAT into our lives.

This Force LOVES clarity.

As a species, I think we are getting more and more clear on what do NOT want. Unconcious leadership...folks ruling with their egos... is at the top of this list.

I feel that we are moving towards a world where our Elite will 'rule' with their hearts not their heads/ they have the most influence on the planet. Then their transformation will trickle down to affect the rest of us.

When each of us truly GET that we were brought here to humbly serve the world in a way that only WE can...we CAN get out of our own fear, ego and stuck ways and simply be, do and have ALL we are meant to be, do & have in this lifetime...the life of our we serve with our Purpose!

It's actually quite miraculous...and it's all mindset ☆

Nietzsche spoke of anyone knowing their WHY can bear any HOW. I just love this statement. Does it inspire you with hope too?

Too many people have lived in darkness and have given up too I sense they never did connect with their bigger Purpose/WHY.

We recently witnessed several high level tragic cases of people who appeared to 'have it all' give into their darkness. My deep sense is that they never connected to their light...their BIGGER reason for being here.

My personal WHY is to help humanity evolve by sharing my 'divinely gifted' tools that keep us connected to our true divine each of us is created by divine Source/ we can live most authentic and beautiful lives from our hearts not our egos...lives of purpose... and eventually leave behind our beautiful Unique Legacy ♡

This is quite a contrast from the imposter, ego-driven...shiny looking yet 'crap magnet' I used to be...and as a result suffered with being bullied, depression, anxiety, panic disorder and suicidal ideation.

If you are struggling with your bigger mission...please connect with me or a myriad of my esteemed Lightworker colleagues as we can support you.

I see everywhere that humanity is waking up. We can ALL use support to stay out of our own f'n way on our journey...especially at the beginning...when we are trying to make sense of it the world needs us at our best, living out our 'reason for being' we can ALL benefit!

Can you feel it too?

At Your Service,


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"Our purpose is to connect to our Purpose...and to humbly serve the world with it." ~ Oprah Winfrey

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